No one is without knowledge except him who asks no questions. - West African Proverb

Our associates help put money in the pockets of our clients by increasing the value of their business. Clearwater Associates' provide the expertise necessary to develop the fundamental foundation for business growth. When essential to success our Associates' specializations have been best utilized as interim management. Working on a basis of strict confidentiality, our consultants have aided in turnarounds, divestures, mergers, acquisitions, and reverse mergers. Working with our client’s, we develop strategies to maximize returns.

Clearwater Associates’ also provides expert assistance and instruction in marketing, sales, and finance. For example, by outsourcing your sales training to Clearwater Associates’, your staff can be efficiently and consistently trained, motivated, and monitored. Clearwater Associates’ offers a full array of outsourced programs to help enhance your business.

The consultants at Clearwater Associates work with one goal, how best to improve our clients business.

Change is good, but dollars are better. - Anonymous

Finance is the life blood of a company, allowing it to grow and develop. However, the acquisition of funds, debt or equity, is not always an easy task. Our Associates provide assistance to clients in the form of consultation, analysis, introduction to financial sources and negotiations with financial institutions. Clients further benefit from our knowledge of financial instruments. This assistance has often meant introductions to banks, private lenders, and other private funding sources. Further support is often furnished in structuring the financial instrument, debt or equity, and negotiating with the financial institutions

Be not afraid of growing slowly; be only afraid of standing still. - Chinese Proverb

Furnishing professional assistance for the purpose of achieving our client's objectives is our desired target. Through knowledge and dedication to the client's objectives, our associates use their expertise toward achieving the client's goals. This requires skilled analysis of the transaction and evaluation of the companies involved.

For those companies who see their future growth as a public company, Clearwater Associates provides the guidance, the tools, and expert knowledge of Reverse Mergers. When used properly the Reverse Merger is a quick and cost saving method for a private company to become public. Through our considerable network an appropriate public shell can be found and, if necessary, introductions are made to accountants and attorneys whose expertise will enable the success of the transaction.

When growth necessitates the search for acquisitions, Clearwater Associates helps develop an acquisition plan, define the search, and conduct the search for acquisition candidates. We conduct the search in a professional and confidential manner so as to protect the client and with respect for all parties involved.